Important dates & information

Important dates and information
Ampli is shutting down

Ampli’s service is coming to an end

Thank you to our Ampli community for making us one of the top cash back apps in Canada. We’ve appreciated your membership and hope you’ve enjoyed saving more of your hard earned money.

As our service is coming to an end, and in order to ensure you get all the cash back you’re entitled to, please make note of key dates.

Ampli members get access to Avion Rewards the all-in-one rewards program with cash back deals, offers, and savings!

Last day of offers

November 13, 2023

The last day offers will be available on the Ampli app

Alarm Clock

Last day to refresh your bank accounts

November 27, 2023

The deadline to refresh your bank account(s). If you do not refresh by November 27, you’ll lose out on cash back from eligible purchases


Last day to cash out

December 11, 2023

If you don’t cash out by this date, your cash back balance will be forfeited


Keep earning cash back

Join Avion Rewards

Become an Avion Rewards member to get cash back deals at over 2,400 retailers

Get your questions answered by checking out our FAQ
Ampli is shutting down

Get your questions answered by checking out our FAQ

Avion Rewards

Goodbye to Ampli doesn't mean goodbye to cash back

Join Avion RewardsTM and discover an all-in-one rewards program and app that will help you earn and save even more when you shop at over 2,400 top retailers across Canada.

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