Ampli Refer a Friend Program

Refer a Friend Program Terms

An existing Ampli Member may send a “Refer a Friend” referral code (Inviter) to known friends and family members living in Canada (excluding Quebec) with whom they have a personal or family relationship who are of the age of majority in the province or territory in which they live (Invitee).  An Inviter may not distribute referral codes in bulk, send a commercial electronic message with a referral code to people with whom they do not have a personal or family relationship, or otherwise distribute a referral code in a way that would constitute an unsolicited commercial electronic message or spam under any applicable law or regulation.  Referral codes may not be duplicated, sold or transferred in any manner.

For each Invitee who is not an existing Ampli Member and has never previously signed up to Ampli (New Member), the Inviter will earn $5 cash back when the Invitee signs up to Ampli and links an account associated with a Canadian financial institution.  No Inviter may earn cash back in their Ampli account greater than $25 per calendar year in connection with any Refer a Friend referral code.  Each New Member who uses a Refer a Friend referral code at sign up will earn $5 cash back in their Ampli account when the Invitee signs up to Ampli and links an account.

See the Ampli app terms in the “Legal” section of the app for additional terms and conditions applicable to referral codes and earned cash back.  Ampli may cancel or modify this program at any time.