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Top questions from our community

What is Ampli?2021-04-14T09:50:46-05:00

Ampli is a free cash back app focused on helping Canadians get rewarded for their everyday purchases, both online and in-store. Ampli members connect their debit and/or credit cards to the app and earn cash back when they shop at partner brands.

Is Ampli safe to use?2021-04-14T09:49:33-05:00

Yes. Ampli is safe to use and protecting our members is our number one priority. We are proudly owned and operated by Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Canada’s largest bank. You can rest assured we adhere to the same security standards as all the major Canadian banks.

Do I have to be an RBC customer to use Ampli?2021-04-14T09:49:22-05:00

No, you don’t have to be an RBC customer to use Ampli. We are available for all Canadians 18 and over and we are compatible with over 130 Canadian financial institutions. Keep in mind though that RBC account holders earn even more cash back on certain offers that have an RBC amplifier.

Does Ampli cost money to join?2021-04-14T09:48:14-05:00

No, Ampli is completely free! You can download Ampli on the App Store or Google Play.

How do I join Ampli?2021-04-14T09:47:50-05:00

Joining Ampli is easy! You can download the app for free on the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Signing up for Ampli only takes a few minutes.

Does Ampli have a web-based application?2021-04-14T09:47:43-05:00

No, Ampli is currently only available as an app for mobile devices.

What information does Ampli ask for when signing up?2021-04-14T09:47:30-05:00

When you sign up, you’ll need to provide your first and last name, an email address and create a password for your account. If you have a welcome code, you’ll be asked to enter it during sign up.

Although optional, we’ll also ask you for your postal code so we can send you offers based on your location as well as your phone number in case you’re one of our monthly Dreamstakes winners.

Why does Ampli need me to connect my bank account?2021-04-14T09:46:48-05:00

In order to earn cash back, we need to be able to see that you have completed a transaction associated with an active Ampli offer.

Which debit and credit cards can I connect to Ampli?2021-04-15T07:04:38-05:00

You can connect debit and credit cards from over 130 financial institutions in Canada. Currently, we do not support President’s Choice Financial, KOHO, and other select cards.

What happens if I no longer want to connect my bank account to Ampli?2021-04-14T09:46:09-05:00

If you want to disconnect your bank account from Ampli, you’re free to remove it anytime. Simply click on your PROFILE icon in the bottom right of your Ampli app, then click on the Managed bank accounts tab, select the account you wish to remove and hit the garbage can icon.

Why does Ampli need my bank account number and password?2021-04-14T09:45:55-05:00

We’ve partnered with an industry-leading account aggregation technology company to match active Ampli offers with the purchases you make with the debit and/or credit card(s) you connect to your Ampli account. Our service provider uses your hashed login credentials to provide us with transaction information from your connected accounts.

What happens if my online banking credentials are compromised?2021-04-14T09:45:49-05:00

In the extremely unlikely event your information at Ampli is compromised and your online banking account at your financial institution is accessed without your consent, you’ll need to speak with your financial institution to see if any financial losses will be covered. It’s important that you read and understand the terms of service with your financial provider.

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$2 million

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