You’re excited: Ampli has a cash back offer at your favourite brand.

You head over to their website, and quickly hone in on your choices. You hit “place order” on the newest noise cancelling headphones, leather planner and insulated water bottle. You smile, eagerly awaiting your order and your cash back.

Monday rolls around and you get two items, while Wednesday you get the third. You go to check your Ampli cash back balance and nothing. Womp, womp.

Where’s my cash back?!

Well, there’s actually a perfect explanation for your “missing” cash back – and don’t worry, there’s a happy ending (aka you’ll get your $$$).

Split shipping

Companies that provide online shopping generally have warehouses where their goods and products live. When you order online for things like apparel, home ware, and electronics, just to name a few, they are all stored, waiting for customers like you to pluck them from the darkness.

Sometimes what happens is that when you place an order, your order will be shipped out in parts. This is known as “Split Shipping”. Maybe one item is readily available while the other isn’t ready for shipping just yet, or it isn’t at the warehouse. The company wants you to get your items as fast as possible, instead of waiting for them all to be collectively ready.

When Split Shipping occurs, the company you have ordered from, will register these as separate transactions. So even if you placed an order all at once, they will register them as separate transactions if they are not all ready to be shipped at the same time. Once an item is identified and ready to go, you will be charged. So if item A, the headphones, is ready to ship on Monday, that’s when you will be charged. And, if item B, the leather planner, isn’t ready to be shipped out until Wednesday, well, you won’t be charged until Wednesday. Make sense?

What does Split Shipping have to do with my cash back?

Let’s say you shop at a participating brand that has a cash back offer: Spend minimum $150 and get $15 cash back. You place an order for 3 items that totals $152, however, your order gets divided into 2 separate shipments and the transactions appear as $120 and $32 on your bank account.

While your collective purchase meets the threshold to earn cash back, the transactions individually do not, so Ampli does not immediately recognize this as an eligible cash back transaction. But don’t worry, we can help and get you your much deserved cash back!

How to get your eligible cash back

If your eligible cash back isn’t showing up on your Ampli cash back balance AND you see separate transactions recorded on your bank account, please get in touch with us through the in-app chat. After all the transactions have been posted on your bank account, we ask that you provide a copy of your receipt that confirms a single purchase was made.

We’ll be able to look into your order on our end and cross-check it with the offer. If everything looks good – that you did in fact complete an eligible cash back transaction – we will credit your Ampli balance and you will see your cash back reflected immediately.

All’s well that ends in cash back

So there you have it. Sometimes, Split Shipping happens. It’s simply a fact of online shopping. And while you may get your items separately, maybe even on different days, we want to assure you that the cash back you rightfully earned, you will get!

Long live cash back!

Ampli is all about putting more of your hard earned money back into your pocket

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