It’s the one day a year when you can wear a costume, eat as much candy as your heart desires, and play scary tricks on your loved ones. And, in light of COVID-19, this Halloween can still be frightfully delightful, with some spooky and sweet twists that would make a mummy jealous. 

We’re here to help you carve out a safe yet fun Halloween that’s still all about the treats, tricks, and traditions!

1. Trick-or-treating 2.0

What’s Halloween without the four food groups: chocolate, hard candy, soft candy and chips? And no, raisins don’t have a place in any Halloween treat bowl. Just because you’re not going to be taking the kids out for trick-or-treating or indulging in the office snack table, it doesn’t mean you can indulge in some treat shopping. Organize a candy scavenger hunt around the house, thanks to Rexall and Lindt. Rexall is stocking shelves with Halloween’s classic bulk treats, and Lindt’s chocolate truffles are perfect bite-sized chocolate treats. The question is, how many truffles can you fit into your mouth at once? 

Rexall – Halloween chocolate and candy selection – Price varies

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Lindt & Sprungli – Chocolate bags – Price varies

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2. Healthier Halloween goodies

Who said Halloween treats can’t be healthy and tasty? has a deliciously large assortment of healthy treats perfect for the little zombies and ghouls in your family with ingredients you don’t need to be scared of. Our favorites? Squish Blizzard Brains and YumEarth Organic Halloween Fruit Pops. Consider making goodie bags for friends and family and leave them on porches for a tasty surprise. – Squish Blizzard Brains – $5.97 CAD

Shop it now >> – YumEarth Organic Halloween Fruit Pops – $8.98 CAD

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3. Virtual costume parties

Since door-to-door or school-hosted Halloween parties are a no-go, you can still let the ghouls and goblins in your household strut their stuff! Host a virtual, kid-friendly costume party and let their imagination run wild. From princesses and superheroes to zombies and nearly every kind of spooky creature, there’s something for everyone at H&M. Go for ghastly costumes like the Mummy, or if your child is into space and astronomy, the Astronaut costume would be out of this world. 

H&M – Astronaut costume – $34.99 CAD

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H&M – Mummy costume – $34.99 CAD

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4. Finger foods for a ghostly get-together

A Halloween party ain’t a party without some devilishly good eats! Creep it really easy and order your favorite pizza, pasta and wings from Boston Pizza. We recommend ordering a Signature Deal: pizza and wings or pizza and pasta.

Fingers, claws, hooks, and paws are all welcome to this pizza party.

Boston Pizza – Signature Deal – Price varies by order

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5. Haunted reads for the whole family

Turn off the lights, grab a flashlight, and get ready for a hair-raising storytime! Scary stories are perfect for bringing the family together and summoning the spirits. For a quick read, try Disney’s 5-Minute Halloween Stories featuring 12 scary stories, available at Mastermind Toys. For a longer read – if you dare – opt for Robert Munsch’s classic Boo!, available at 

Mastermind Toys – 5-Minute Halloween Stories – $13.99 CAD

Shop it now >> – Boo! by Robert Munsch – $7.99 CAD

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