So many areas of our lives have been disrupted in 2020, including sweating it out at a hot yoga class. As gym memberships and spin classes were put on pause, Canadians had to become more resourceful in finding ways to stay healthy. With winter arriving, getting outside for an early morning run or hitting the bike path is going to become even more of a challenge. Yet, our health has never been more top of mind. 

Here at Ampli, we want to share our recommendations for health gadgets that will keep you fit and well into 2021. 

1. Smartwatch

Smart Watch on Wrist

Features: Sleep cycle tracking, calorie tracking, monitors heart rate, reminds you to move, guided meditation and breathing exercises for stress relief. 

How it works: This wearable technology doubles as your workout partner. Connect using Bluetooth, and you can access 39+ workouts, including fitness apps such as under Armor and Speedo. The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch also has GPS capability for winter runners. 

Why it’s essential: By monitoring your heart rate and tracking daily exercise, a Smartwatch helps you reach your peak performance. And if you’re working out from home and getting bored with the same old routine, you can cast a brand new workout to your phone, TV or tablet, as you work up a sweat to your favourite playlist. Not only can a smartwatch help you smash your PB, but it’s also a secret weapon in sticking to those New Year fitness goals.

Samsung Galaxy Watch from The Source – $329.99 CAD

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2. Blood pressure monitor

Blood pressure monitor for wrist

Features: This convenient and portable blood pressure monitor uses innovative technology to detect your blood pressure. It has a simple one-touch operation for accurate measurement. The irregular heartbeat detector is clinically proven, and stores up to 60 recordings and keeps track of your average readings.

How it works: First, set the date and time. Strap the automatic monitor to your left wrist, palm facing up. Sit with your elbow on a table, so the cuff is at the same level as your heart. Press the start/stop button, and the cuff will automatically inflate. When the measurement is completed, the cuff will deflate, and your systolic and diastolic pressure, as well as pulse rate, will show up on the LCD screen. Your reading is also automatically stored in memory. 

Why it’s essential: We know that high blood pressure puts you at risk of stroke and heart disease. Regularly checking your blood pressure is key to managing it. As doctor’s appointments and regular checkups have become virtual, a home blood pressure monitor means peace of mind and the ability to check your BP without leaving your home. 

HoMedics Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor from – $69.97 CAD

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3. Air purifier

Air Purifier

Features: This whisper-quiet humidifier is designed to humidify a room up to 250 square feet. It doesn’t require a filter and the automatic shut-off sensors turn off when the water tank is empty. 

How it works: Turn the removable water tank upside down, unscrew the cap and fill it with cool water only. Replace the cap and place the tank on top of the humidifier base the right way up, making sure it fits securely. Use the control dial to select the intensity of the mist output. The 360-degree mist lid means mist is distributed in every direction around the room. When the humidifier runs out of water, a red light will appear, and the appliance will shut-off automatically to avoid overheating. 

Why it’s essential: This product comes with clean control antimicrobial material in the base, which is proven to help reduce mould and bacteria growth by up to 99 per cent. Coupled with increased air moisture for easier breathing, you’re in for a good night’s sleep. Ideal for an infant or children’s bedroom, but who is to say you can’t have one in the principal bedroom? 

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier from Indigo – $64.99 CAD

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4. Diffuser

Essential oil diffuser

Features: This beautifully crafted stone diffuser not only helps your home smell sweet but also does double duty as a simple yet elegant piece of decor. Perfect for the home office or living room. 

How it works: Fill the water reservoir, add 20-25 drops of your favourite 100 per cent pure essential oil, then put the ceramic cover back on and select how long you’d like the diffuser to run for—choose between three and seven hours. 

Why it’s essential: Though essential oils have gained popularity in the last couple of years, their use isn’t new. Essential oils were often used in ancient Egypt for cleanliness and in burial rituals. Even the original receipt for Coca-Cola from 1886 included oils, including orange, nutmeg, and coriander. Essential oils can help with our every-day wellbeing: rosemary helps with focussing, while lavender is known to be a stress-buster.

Vitruvi Ultrasonic Diffuser from Indigo – $119 CAD

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5. Smart thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Features: A seven-day programmable thermostat that also displays the weather. The ecobee works in harmony with popular smart home ecosystems. Save you up to 23 per cent on annual heating and cooling costs. 

How it works: A smart thermostat can be controlled anywhere using an iOS or Android device, which means you don’t have to be home to make the family room more toasty. This technology gets to know your home’s heating and cooling patterns and can even detect which room you’re in and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Why it’s essential: A better quality of sleep partly depends on sleeping in a room set at an optimal temperature (between 15 and 19 degrees Celsius). And when you’ve got a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature, it’s easier to get your Zzzs. In addition, saving on your annual energy costs isn’t only healthy on your wallet but also healthier for the planet. 

ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat from The Source – $219.99 CAD 

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