Staying in to celebrate Valentine’s Day used to be a concept. It was an excuse to avoid the long lineups, crowded tables, and over-the-top decorations and declarations of love and romance. This year, the impact of COVID-19 leaves us with no choice but to keep our love flowing from the comfort of our homes. And while stay-at-home fatigue has begun settling in for the majority of us, that doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day can’t still feel special and full of the romance we crave during this time of year. Whether you’re feeling liberated in singlehood, channelling Leslie Knope for another Galentine’s Day ritual, or simply cozying up to the one you adore—we’ve got some tips to help you make the most of it.

10 Valentine’s Day At-Home Ideas

We’ve suggested Valentine’s Day date ideas that apply to couples and singles alike. If you don’t have someone special to share the day of love with this year, consider connecting with your best pals or celebrating the love you have for yourself instead.

1. Create an at-home spa

Two girls having their own valentine's day spa on a couch

By now, you’ve probably done it all, but there’s always room for one more new idea to pass the time, right? As far as at-home experiences go, recreating a spa-like treatment is a comforting idea no matter what day of the year it is. Check out Sephora to find the required items for pedicures, manicures, face and body treatments—and whatever else you need to make your spa days feel real again.

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2. Take a (virtual) vacation

A single person having a virtual vacation by the fireplace

There’s no time like the present to sit in front of your computer screen and travel to another country via virtual museum tours. While it’s not exactly the same, you can go deep with this idea by building a theme around your chosen country. For example, if you choose to go to Italy, perhaps you could make pasta and sip on Italian wine while you tour the Uffizi Gallery in Florence—from the comfort of your couch.

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3. Order in a romantic meal

A couple order take out at-home

Ordering delivery has become synonymous with staying at home, but if you think outside of the takeout box, you can create a themed night worth remembering. Choose your favourite type of cuisine from DoorDash and go all the way with decorations, placement cards, virtual invitations, table settings, and anything else you can dream up. If the necessary items aren’t readily at your disposal, default to the classic romantic overtones like candles, rose petals and some drinkable bubbles.

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4. Have a dance party

Two girls dancing at home

There’s nothing like a good dance-off to shake the quarantine blues away, and Valentine’s Day can set a variety of moods when it comes to choreography. If you’re virtually meeting up with pals or hanging solo, consider recreating moves from your favourite music videos or movies to bring your energy up. If you’re shacked up with a significant other, something soft and slow might feel more appropriate. Dig through the depths of YouTube to find the perfect dance tutorial to sway away together throughout the night.


5. Cook dinner together

A couple cooking dinner together in their home

If you’re over takeout food and rather cook at home, we support that! Cooking is an adventure, and learning a new skill in the kitchen is a great way to bond with a loved one. You can choose a recipe from a favourite cookbook or online, but if you can also save time by allowing someone else to do the heavy lifting for you. The chef kits from Oliver & Bonacini are an easy way to settle on a meal you can build on your own so that you can dedicate the rest of the night to yourself, each other, or the television set.

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6. Go on a hike

A couple taking a hike outside with their dog during lockdown for valentine's day

Getting outside these days is essential to our mental health and well-being. Take your love safely outdoors by planning a walk around your neighbourhood. Switch things up by changing your regular walking routine, or consider walking through a different neighbourhood in your city. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, plan an extended hike instead. Just remember to stay within your city limits and follow any restrictions in place due to the pandemic. 


7. Host a karaoke night

A girl wearing headphones having her own solo karaoke night

There’s nothing more romantic than a duet! There’s also no better way to channel your frustration over being stuck at home than sing-screaming the lyrics to your favourite tune. Make a full night of it by decorating with streamers, lights and all the fixings that help bring a traditional karaoke night to life. No mic? No problem! A hairbrush can act as the perfect replacement. All that really matters is that you’re having fun while doing it.


8. Mix your own drinks

Romantic cocktails during quarantine

Since you can make it out to a fancy cocktail bar, bring the cocktails to you by taking part in a virtual mixology class. A quick search online will help find a class that’s right for you, and if you come up short, you can always lean on YouTube to find the best mocktail or cocktail recipes to test at home. Rexall has you covered with ingredients like juices and pop for mixing and delicate fruits for garnishing. Just remember to drink responsibly!

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9. High stakes game night

A young couple playing scrabble together

Game night might be a regular part of your rotation, but adding some new elements to the night could spice things up the right way. Begin by selecting a game all parties can agree on and either make a wager or determine a prize for the evening’s winner. How you decide to create a game around the game is up to you! Just remember, it’s supposed to be a day filled with love and admiration for each other, so keep it light and fun regardless of where you land on the board.


10. Netflix and chill-out

A couple watching netflix on the couch in their house

You may have watched everything Netflix has to offer, but we’re willing to bet there is a gem or two waiting in the wings for your viewing pleasure. You don’t have to pick a romantic film just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a virtual viewing party or a night in with your sweet love, pick the film together, so you know you will both enjoy it. What really matters here is the snacks. There are the classics like popcorn, candy, and pop, but you could also give new meaning to the term Netflix and chill by adding some ice cream from Baskin Robbins.

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