Staying in shape during a global pandemic isn’t easy. It’s tempting to just sit on the couch and hit “play next” on Netflix, but an at-home fitness routine can do wonders for your brain and body. Working out in your living room or basement even comes with some great perks: no travel time, complete privacy, and no waiting for machines or classes to start. 

From full-body cardio to strength training and Broadway-inspired dance routines, there’s an at-home fitness option for every interest and skill level. Here are eight fun workout ideas to take your quarantine routine to the next level:                                                         

1. Youtube HIIT workout 

Women working out on matsHigh intensity interval training (HIIT) targets your entire body, doesn’t require any expensive equipment, and can be done in 30 minutes or less. This is why many professional athletes incorporate HIIT into their fitness routines. The good news is you don’t have to shell out for a personal trainer when countless free HIIT workout videos are just a click away on YouTube. You’ll definitely feel the burn, so consider treating yourself to some post-workout recovery aids, like massage balls or foam rollers, from

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2. Gamify your workout 

Hand holding phone showing pokemon goGames make everything more fun, including workouts. Tired of counting steps? Download Pokémon GO and try to catch them all. You’ll be surprised how many kilometres you rack up hunting Pikachu. Need motivation for your morning jog? Download Zombies, Run! and become a runner en route to one of humanity’s last outposts during a zombie apocalypse. Wannabe spies will love The Walk, a thriller game that encourages you to hit a daily step goal with fun missions. Layer up as you walk around the neighbourhood in a stylish hoodie from Kit and Ace. If you have a virtual reality headset, try immersive games like Beat Saber, where you get a full-body workout with a lightsaber, or The Climb, which challenges you to (virtually) climb the Alps.

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3. Compete with friends 

Fitness watch on wrist

You may not be able to meet friends for in-person workouts, but you can still keep each other motivated. Use a social fitness app to compete with friends or simply offer encouragement as you work towards your goals. Nike Run Club is a popular option that tracks your progress and allows you to share it with your social network via photos, stats, and stickers. Runners and cyclists may enjoy Strava, which helps you create customized routes for your friends to explore and compete on. If you’re looking for new workout buddies, Strava also plays host to hundreds of thousands of virtual fitness clubs. For the most accurate stats, order a wearable fitness tracker from Indigo.

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4. Dance the night away 

Women in pink shirt dancing with headphone

This is the perfect opportunity to “dance like no one’s watching”– because no one is! Try out new moves and don’t worry about looking silly with a virtual dance class. Brush up on your barre skills with the National Ballet of Canada’s daily virtual classes for all skill levels, including beginner ballet classes specifically for children and seniors. Miss the club? Check out the Underground Dance Centre’s virtual jazz funk, afrobeats, and dancehall classes. Learn salsa footwork or Brazillian samba with the AfroLatina Dance Company or channel your inner Broadway star with the Broadway Workout, featuring choreography from hits like Sister Act, The Producers, and Hercules.

5. Fight Club

Women wearing sports bra and boxing gloves

OK, maybe don’t join an actual fight club, but improve your self-defense skills and get a killer workout with virtual martial arts or kickboxing classes. Toronto-based boxing studio UNDRCARD offers live and on-demand online classes (no equipment needed!) including boxing HIIT, technical boxing, and yoga geared at developing a “calmer fighter mindset.” United Boxing Club also hosts live and on-demand sessions, ranging from full-body workouts to tactical tutorials. Reward your hard work and look as fierce as you feel with some new workout wear from MPG Sport.

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6. Get stepping 

person walking on trail in grass

Whether your goal is 5,000, 10,000 or 15,000 steps a day, the key to success is getting creative. Working from home results in fewer “casual” steps, which means you have to be more intentional about moving around. Try setting challenges for yourself while completing everyday tasks around the house (for example, seeing how many steps you can get in while your morning coffee brews or dinner heats up in the oven). Choose a podcast or TV show and aim to walk for its entire duration. If you don’t have to be on video, walk around your space every time you take a work call. Finally, consider getting a smart fitness tracker from Indigo that will remind you to get moving and keep you motivated.

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7. Yoga Apps 

Women stretching on yoga mat

Whether you’re a yoga newbie or Zen master, consider downloading a yoga app to take your at-home practice to the next level. Use Down Dog to completely customize your session based on your available time, music preferences, skill level, and even preferred instructor voice. In addition to six English-speaking voices, the app offers instruction in nine other languages and over 60,000 possible class configurations. Another population option is Glo, which taps into a global network of instructors and boasts over 4,000 classes on demand, including pilates and meditation sessions. Build out your own mini home studio or calmness corner with yoga blocks, yoga mats, and blankets from

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8. Trampoline time 

trampoline workout

Vogue called trampolining, also known as rebounding, the “perfect at-home workout during quarantine” and even Goldie Hawn is doing it, so what are you waiting for? If you’re not sure where to start, there are plenty of free tutorials on YouTube and studios like House of Bounce and Carve It Fitness offer virtual classes, which combine kickboxing, dance, and classic cardio movies for the ultimate low-impact workout. Unlike treadmills or spin bikes, mini trampolines are perfect for small spaces. This mini trampoline from The Bay can be folded away when you’re not using it.

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