Making your house a home requires a bit of finesse when it comes to the decor department. After all, when you come home from a long day, you likely want to cozy up in your favourite spot and relax. Switching up the aesthetic of a room can improve the entire vibe of a space. Adding houseplants to rooms throughout your home is an affordable way to make a change without breaking the bank. The addition of greenery not only looks pretty, but it also helps clean the air around you as well. If you don’t identify as someone with a green thumb, it can be a bit intimidating to choose the perfect plants for your space. But we’ve got some tips to get you started.

The benefits of having indoor plants

Clears toxins

Indoor plants have a natural way of removing certain pollutants from the air in your home. The purification ability of plants will change depending on the plant type and size, so it’s best to do some research before you buy. Investing in more medium to large plants throughout your home will help encourage a noticeable difference in air quality.

Produces oxygen

House plants have a natural ability to increase oxygen indoors. They do this by tackling toxic chemicals brought on by synthetic materials that come from the bathroom, pets, paint, carpet, furniture upholstery, etc. The size, type, and level of light you provide your plant will impact its ability to produce oxygen in a space. Five of the most popular plants for releasing oxygen include areca palm, Chinese evergreens, money plants, Gerber daisies, and the snake plant.

Natural Humidifiers

Plants pull water from the soil to keep everything above it hydrated, and that water evaporates into the air from the leaves, which naturally humidifies the home. Some of the most popular indoor plants that act as natural humidifiers include dracaena, philodendron, peace lily, areca palm, and bamboo palm.

Boost mood

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but house plants have been known to improve bad moods. The act of caring for a plant can elevate your levels of compassion, which in turn can improve your relationships. And since taking care of plants requires patience and understanding, you will begin to gain confidence, and a widening sense of accomplishment — all key contributors to boosting your overall mood.

5 types of indoor plants that are easy to care for

1. Air plants

A common misconception is that air plants only require air to survive when, in reality, they got their name because they can thrive without soil.

Lighting needs: direct sunlight.

Watering needs: misting daily or submerging in water once a week.

Best space in the home: close to a window.

2. Cactus

A cactus is perfect for first-time plant owners as they are nearly impossible to kill and require very little attention.

Lighting needs: partial to full sunlight.

Watering needs: when you see the soil is dry, usually once a week.

Best space in the home: anywhere.

3. Succulents

Succulents come in a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes making them one of the most popular options for beginners.

Lighting needs: no direct shade or sunlight, partial sunlight works best.

Watering needs: when you see the soil is dry, usually once a week.

Best space in the home: anywhere.

4. Spider Plant

Spider plants are super easy to take care of and look great on a shelf or in a hanging basket around the home.

Lighting needs: partial to full sunlight.

Watering needs: every two weeks.

Best space in the home: anywhere.

5. Peace lily

Peace lilies come in all shapes and sizes but are often floor plants because they can grow up to four feet tall.

Lighting needs: partial sun to shade.

Watering needs: once a week.

Best space in the home: a dark spot of any room.

Add some personality to your plants with the perfect planter

Bringing plants into your home is more fun if you can dress them up! Plant stands and planters come in so many colour options and stylish patterns that narrowing down your favourites may prove to be trickier than selecting a plant to begin with. Here are a few options to help inspire your green thumb.

Geometric Planter – Urban Barn – $19 CAD

Choosing a pattern that is subtle but still adds character is easy with this geometric planter option from Urban Barn. Plus, it’s small enough to add more planters around it.

Animal Planters – – $20.99 CAD

Animal planters are just too cute to pass up and thankfully, there are plenty of options out there to satisfy every animal lover. We’re loving these llama and hedgehog options from

Standing Planter – Urban Barn – $99 CAD

For plants you plan to keep out of reach from children or pets, consider a standing planter instead of a traditional floor or shelf planter. The Kyrie standing planter from Urban Barn is large enough to hold bolder plant options.

A few ways to keep plants extra happy

By now, you should feel well-equipped to embrace the plant life you always knew you could have, but we still have a few tips up our sleeves. Once you’ve mastered the art of selecting and styling your plants, you should consider these additional products to keep your greenery thriving.

Feed your plants – In addition to light and water, you can give your plants liquid plant food to encourage further growth.

Find the right soil – Don’t just grab any soil. Search for potting mixes that include peat moss, vermiculite and perlite for the best results.

Test the soil – Find out if your plant is getting the right amount of light and water with a flower pot hygrometer. This tool will test the soil to let you know if your plant has exactly what it needs.

Give it a mist (or two, or three…) – Watering your plants takes care of the roots, but what about the leaves? Invest in a plant mister and give your plants a mist or two during the week to keep them happy.

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