Making the most out of storage in a small space creates an interesting design challenge. Your first instinct is to incorporate what you already own to create ease and convenience within your space, but ultimately, you will end up with few areas that require a bit of thinking outside the box. As smaller spaces have become more common, the desire for furniture that works overtime to meet your needs is essential. We’ve rounded up some items that would make a functional addition to your small space storage woes.

How do you maximize storage in a small space?

1. Think vertically

Vertical storage shelves are perfect for many spaces in the home, but they work particularly well in the kitchen. Cramped kitchen space can make or break your cooking experience. Eliminate the stress of trying to find that one baking dish you need for a single recipe by incorporating vertical shelving units perfect for kitchen storage, and ideal for providing you with easy access to key items. 

Eurostyle Fridge Cabinet – The Home Depot – $71.02 CAD
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2. Add more storage options

Creating proper bedroom storage could mean the difference between a peaceful sleep or a disturbed slumber. Get the most out of limited space by incorporating bookshelves for unique storage and display options. There are a variety of bookcase headboards for multiple bed frames and mattress sizes available for your convenience, but you can go the DIY route by purchasing your preferred bookshelf and placing it behind your bed in place of a headboard instead.

Bookcase Headboard – The Home Depot – $198 CAD
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3. Create versatility

Multiple tables mean you have the opportunity to create versatility in how you style your space. Nesting tables are lightweight, making them easy to rearrange for entertaining friends and family or displaying your favourite personal decor items like plants and framed photos. They stack together neatly, which is a great bonus if you prefer to set them off to the side in an effort to create additional space when you need it.

Mirri Nesting tables – Urban barn – $299 CAD
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4. Keeping it under wraps

Storing items neatly under your bed is the perfect way to keep seasonal clothing, extra bed sheets or even holiday decorations tucked away. Convenience is important, as you may want quick access to the items you are storing. Canvas storage boxes are large enough to store multiple items in, and they include a handle so you can grab and go whenever necessary.

Canvas Underbed Storage Box – The Home Depot – $26.63 CAD
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5. Roll with it

Having the ability to roll furniture around to maximize space for different uses within your home allows you to switch up the look of any room easily. A filing cabinet on castors can be used for storage outside of the home office, creating function in another space. But if you’re looking for a more stylish addition, consider the flexibility of multi-purpose rolling carts from Micheal’s. Between the colours and sizes, rolling carts make a statement.

3-Tier Rolling Cart – Michaels – $48.99 CAD
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6. Making an entrance

There are a few ways you can make a narrow space feel bigger. Incorporating a mirror in a small space will create the illusion of depth. And since mirrors come in varying sizes and finishes, you will have the ability to select one that is perfect for your specific space. Adding a shelf with hooks can provide room for small items and is perfect for hanging keys, hats, scarves, small purses or pet accessories.

Infinity Wall-Mounted Mirror – The Home Depot – $49.88 CAD
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7. Avoid closet clutter

Avoid closet clutter by investing in clear storage bins. Select bins that are large enough to store several items and will help keep things nicely organized so you can access what you need without wasting time. Double down on your effort by purchasing a label maker to ensure you never have to guess what’s in the bin in the back.

Clear utility box – The Home Depot – $3.48 CAD
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