Do you remember the first time you moved? The new paint smell. The unfamiliar first night sleep. Moving is an exciting time for almost everyone. It’s sort of like a rebirth—an opportunity to express your style, start fresh, and sell off old baggage. And when it comes time for our friends and family to move, near or far, we are presented with an opportunity to help them celebrate their new digs with a slightly newer sense of style.

Whether you enjoy shopping a lot or a little, everyone can agree that shopping for someone else can be pretty challenging. You have to consider your subject’s taste and your budget all at once. And while showing up to a housewarming is thoughtful enough, showing up to housewarming with a thoughtful gift, is simply thoughtful times two! So, we’ve compiled a list of nine unique gift ideas that a new homeowner (or renter) would really appreciate. And best of all, these items all cost less than $100, so they won’t entirely break the bank.

1. For the eco-conscious

Beeswax Wraps – – $30 CAD

Why they’ll love it: They’re eco-friendly, they’re inexpensive, and they’re cute as ever. Beeswax wraps are like little outfits for your food, and they eliminate the need for flimsy, wasteful plastic—making them a great gift for your friend and mother nature. Best of all, since these aren’t a statement piece, they can suit anyone’s style. And that’s a wrap.

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2. For the fashionista

Gold Weaved Basket – – $39.50 CAD

Why they’ll love it: For laundry, rolled up blankets, or plants, this gold weaved basket is both useful and trendy. And while this gift brings warmth and style to your friend or family’s living room, we have a feeling it will bring you good fortune as well.

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3. For the wine lovers

The Essential Guide to Wine – Indigo – $33.64 CAD

Why they’ll love it: The Essential Guide to Wine is perfect for the wine-lover in your life—covering all the basics from reds to whites to rosés, as well as your need to think of a housewarming gift. The guide makes a great addition to any bar cart, and if you’re feeling generous, throw in a little bottle opener for good measure. Cheers!

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4. For the foodie

Nothing Fancy: Unfussy food for having people over – – $42.50 CAD

Why they’ll love it: This New York Times Best Seller is a best seller for a reason. The cookbook includes a variety of easy, unfussy and delicious recipes that give cooks permission to be imperfect. And who knows, maybe you’ll get invited over to enjoy a delicious meal. Appetites, standby!

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5. For the green thumb

Standing planter (plant not included) – Urban Barn – $59 CAD

Why they’ll love it: Every new pad could use a little green, and you can be the one to bring it. Show off your botanical offering in a sleek, mid-century modern concrete pot. Great for homes with lots of light and homeowners with plenty of style.

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6. For the homebody

Luxurious throw – Urban Barn – $89 CAD

Why they’ll love it: It isn’t a movie night without a cozy cotton blanket. Whether you’re shopping for binge watchers who love to wrap themselves into a burrito or for those who simply like the look of a throw effortlessly strewn across their couch, everyone could use this little slice of luxury.

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7. For the tea lover

Tea discovery kit – DAVIDsTEA – $49 CAD

Why they’ll love it: DAVIDsTEA has a huge variety of teas, and this sampler pack really packs in a bunch. From flavoured South African red teas to straight Japanese greens, you’re giving a taste of the world in every cup. DAVIDsTEA also has a variety of mugs, tumblers and all the tea accessories a new homeowner could ever want to enjoy a comforting beverage.

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