Imagine if all the devices in your home could connect to your Wi-Fi? Everything from clocks to the front door, to kitchen appliances, even the pet feeder. At one point, this sounded like the stuff of science fiction, but today’s smart home technology is making our lives easier. And with more of us spending time cocooned in our homes, that’s a good thing! 

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one this holiday season, here are five essential smart home gadgets you need in your house.  

1. Smart door locks

Canadians have a reputation for never locking their doors, although anyone who lives in a city center might beg to differ. Replacing a traditional front door lock with a smart lock means no more hiding a spare key under the mat. One of the best smart door locks on the market is the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro. Promising no keys, no codes, and no hassle, it offers keyless entry for you, your family or friends, or the pet sitter. It can be activated right from your smartphone, and for additional peace of mind, this smart lock comes with DoorSense technology, which locks itself when you leave the house.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro – Best Buy – $299.99 CAD

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2. Home speaker

Not only have sound speakers gotten smaller, but they’ve also gotten smarter. What makes the wireless Sonos One Generation 2 speaker stand out is that it combines excellent sound quality with voice assistance. Simply ask it to play your favorite song from Spotify or iHeartRadio, or take it into the kitchen and listen to a podcast as you prepare dinner.

Sonos One Generation 2 Speaker – The Source – $249.99 CAD

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3. Smart coffee maker

Why brave a chilly winter morning to pick up a frothy ‘cino when you can whip one up at home? Coffee makers have kept up with the trends, and this Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine and Milk Frother is everything you need to caffeinate yourself, any time of day. The machine will pour anything from an espresso to a double espresso to a cuppa joe, depending on the Nespresso coffee pods you choose. The accompanying Aeroccino prepares hot or cold milk froth. With the coffee machine’s sleek chrome and black design, you’d be forgiven for thinking your kitchen was an Italian cafe.

Vertuo Coffee Machine and Milk Frother – The Bay – $319.99 CAD

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4. The latest iPad

We think the iPad deserves a place on the list of must-have smart products for your home. Hear us out: an iPad doubles as a game console, notebook, photo studio, mobile office, even your own personal cinema. And the good news is if you’re in the market for an iPad for yourself or are looking for the perfect holiday gift, RBC is giving an 8th Generation 10.2” iPad with 32GB (recommended retail price $429.99 CAD!) when you open an eligible RBC bank account before December 18, 2020.

10.2” iPad  – RBC – Free when you open an eligible RBC bank account

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5. Smart kitchen tools

From a voice-activated Instant Pot to a meat thermometer you can control from your smartphone, kitchen appliances have well and truly entered the 21st century. We love this indoor Aeroharvest Garden, designed to be small enough to sit on the kitchen counter. It comes with six herb seed pods, including Thai and Genovese Basil, and can hold up to six plants at once without using soil. The LED grow light system means you’ll have a supply of fresh herbs right into the spring. All you need to do is water them, and there’s even a sensor to remind you of that.

Aeroharvest Garden – The Bay – $189.99 CAD

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Happy holiday shopping!

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