It’s never too late to make a change, and something as simple as preparing your meals can be the push you need to get you moving in the right direction. You don’t need to be a gourmet chef to make something healthy, appetizing and delicious. All you need are some nice containers, a couple of cookbooks and some groceries to get inspired and get the ball rolling. Save time and money, and maintain a healthier lifestyle by integrating some of these tools, containers and routines into your daily schedule.

Get inspired by meal prep recipe books

To ward off the desire to buy lunch every day, get inspired by some cookbooks that will help you prepare healthy foods you’ll actually crave. From books dedicated to strictly vegan recipes to ones intended for meat-eaters, has tons of cookbooks to suit anyone’s taste, preference and style.

Smart Meal Prep for Beginners – – $20.99 CAD

This is a must-have for those who want to master meal prep with easy recipes and weekly meal plans. Smart Meal Prep for Beginners is the holy grail of meal prep books and you’ll never have to wonder what’s for lunch ever again.
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The Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook – – $20.99 CAD

For those looking to up their game, this cookbook has tons of colourful and inspiring meals. And as we head into summer, it’s the perfect book to learn new ways to turn all those fresh seasonal ingredients into something beautiful.
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Get some meal prep containers

Now that you have the tools you need and some easy recipes to follow, you’ll need some well-designed containers that’ll get you excited about the process of meal prepping. They’re eco-friendly, they come in a variety of fun colours, and some even come with little sections to stop your grapes from touching your sandwich. Here are some affordable meal prep container options that will store your lunch with pizzazz.

Stasher Bags – – $14.99 CAD

Ditch those flimsy plastic bags and go for something a little more sturdy—a reusable silicone food bag. Dishwasher-safe, BPA free and ready when you are, these little satchels will make packing your snacks something to look forward to.
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Snack jars – – $15 CAD

Invest in smaller containers to help keep your snack portions in check. Meal planning helps with portion control and there’s really no cuter way to do this than to purchase snack-sized containers perfect for a handful of almonds or a couple of scoops of hummus. Toss them into your bag when you’re on-the-go.
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Salad prep jars – – $7.29 CAD

Turns out, you can win friends with salad! Put your dressing in the bottom of these stylish jars and then layer them up with grains, proteins and greens (in that order.) Shake and enjoy an easy, tasty, healthy lunch at work. No sogginess, no need for a dressing container and no need to buy a $27 lunch.
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Start your meal prep routine

With a well-stocked pantry, you’re well on your way to becoming a food prep pro. The key to getting started now is to just get started.

Choose your meal prep day

Choose a couple hours in your week that you will dedicate to food prep. Sundays are usually a good day to get started.

Decide what you like to eat

Check out the recipe books you’ve got, bookmark the pages you like, get the groceries you need.

Start with small batches

Meal prepping for an entire week can be overwhelming at first. So, start with something small. Make a pasta or dish you love and separate it into two of your brand new containers. See how you feel. Decide if you need more variety. Or, simply start by turning your dinner leftovers into tomorrow’s lunch.

Know when to cut corners

You don’t need to make your own sauces, shape your own pasta and bake your own bread. These are items you can easily purchase in store, keep in the pantry and throw together in a pinch.

Earn cash back on your meal prep purchases

With your containers ready and your veggies chopped, meal prepping can become quite a meditative and rewarding way to start your week. And the bonuses of eating healthier, saving time and money simply can’t be ignored. Ampli makes it even easier to save money while you’re already saving money making your own lunches. By downloading Ampli and shopping at select vendors like, and you can earn cash back on all of your purchases.

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