Crunchy. Creamy. Spicy. Sweet.

Yes, we’re talking about food. Why? Well, because it’s our favourite subject and because we’re feeling some major fall foodie vibes. Fall might easily be our favourite season to eat through: warmer meals, a little nutmeg here, a little cinnamon there, hearty soups, one-pot meals, and don’t forget that everything seems to be baked to golden brown perfection. That’s the official colour of fall, after all. 

And, since we’re probably cooking more meals at home than ever before, it’s time to spice things up. Break the mould and give those fall traditions a twist. We’re breaking down the ABCs of fall food trends you should watch out for. It’s time to bake, roast and broil your way to foodie heaven, with the occasional takeout meal thrown in for good measure. 

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1. Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecakes

The best place to start is dessert, right? And if there are three words we can’t get enough right now, it’s pumpkin spice cheesecake. It’s basically the best of fall baked into a classic dessert. This month’s featured myWW dessert recipe adapts the classic cheesecake into a better-for-you version perfect for fall. Using lower-fat dairy ingredients and less sugar, it’s light and delicious. And if you’re on WW, it’s only 6-7 SmartPoints per slice, depending on your myWW plan.

And because you can, decorate to your heart’s desire. Swirl, swirl, swirl.

WW (Weight Watchers)

Learn more about Weight Watchers’ Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

2. Rosti-Topped Lentil Pie

Cozy comfort food is trending right now, and for a good reason – comfort foods feed the soul.

If shepherd’s pie and curry had a baby, it would be the HelloFresh recipe for Rosti-Topped Lentil Pie. Flavours like Thai massaman curry and earthy lentils combine to bring you a filling, vegetarian meal that you’ll want to cozy up to. If you’re craving comfort foods but don’t have the time to spend grocery shopping, try HelloFresh! Their meal boxes are delivered right to your door, and you could be cooking up a variety of fall classics in no time.


Learn more about HelloFresh’s Rosti-Topped Lentil Pie

3. Vegan-Friendly Chocolate Tahini Cookies

Chocolate is a plant; plants are good for you. Chocolate is essentially good for you, or so we tell ourselves. Lindt’s recipe for Vegan-Friendly Tahini Chocolate Cookies made with Lindt 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate are a decadent, yet healthy take on your typical fall cookie. While we’re all used to using almond or peanut butter in baking, this recipe features tahini (made of ground sesame seeds), packing an equally large nutritional and tasty punch. Did we mention tahini is being applauded by all the major chefs right now? When a little seed is the star of the culinary show, you know it must be good. 

Lindt & Sprüngli

Lindt 70% Cacao Dark Chocolate

Learn more about Lindt’s Vegan-Friendly Chocolate Tahini Cookies

4. Basil Box

When there are nights you don’t feel like cooking, cause we all have those, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice nutrition or flavour. Basil Box has the fall flavours you crave jam-packed into customizable boxes, perfect for lunch or dinner. We recommend a combo featuring lemongrass corn, chili lime shrimp, topped off with sriracha spiced pumpkin seeds. We’ll let you decide how spicy you want it.

Basil Box

Build Your Box

Learn more about Basil Box

5. Raw Bee Pollen

Ah-choo! A sneeze, a sore throat or a headache is usually the first sign of a cold or flu. But, why not get ahead of the game? Especially with an approaching cold season, unlike any other, the need to be extra safe is on everyone’s minds.

Beekeeper’s Naturals 100% Raw Bee Pollen is an anti-bacterial, antiviral natural ingredient derived from the honey-making process. This superfood ingredient has a sweet, floral taste just like the honey and can be added to your fall meals: granola, smoothies, roasted vegetables or straight on a spoon – if you’re that kind of person.

Remember: let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.

Learn more about Beekeeper’s Naturals 100% Raw Bee Pollen

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