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  • Card Linking

Myth Busters: All about linking your card to Ampli

By Ampli Team|2020-08-25T19:51:21-05:00August 21, 2020|

Remember when you were little and you believed in the Boogeyman in the closet? That if you swallowed a watermelon seed you’d grow one in your stomach? What about that one if you tell ...

  • Ampli MFA

Why Your Card Gets Unlinked & What You Can Do About It

By Ampli Team|2020-08-14T12:17:51-05:00August 14, 2020|

It’s frustrating. You’re happily earning cash back, checking in on your growing Ampli balance, and then BAM. Out of nowhere your debit card or credit card gets unlinked. Chances are you’ve facepalmed yourself, and ...

All About Split Shipping

By Ampli Team|2020-08-07T11:05:30-05:00August 6, 2020|

You’re excited: Ampli has a cash back offer at your favourite brand. You head over to their website, and quickly hone in on your choices. You hit “place order” on the newest noise cancelling ...