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How to Earn Cash Back With Ampli

By Ampli Team|2021-06-08T14:28:05-05:00February 16, 2021|

Calling all shoppers, near and far. Give your everyday shopping a cash back upgrade, thanks to Ampli. Whatever kind of shopper you might be—and whatever your purchasing habits are—you and your bank account could ...

5 Best Health Gadget Gift Ideas for 2021

By Ampli Team|2021-06-08T14:28:36-05:00January 4, 2021|

So many areas of our lives have been disrupted in 2020, including sweating it out at a hot yoga class. As gym memberships and spin classes were put on pause, Canadians had to become more ...

5 Winter Comfort Food Ideas You Should Try

By Ampli Team|2021-09-20T09:08:09-05:00December 29, 2020|

It’s that time of year when we just want to cuddle beneath a warm blanket, turn on our favorite show, and cozy up to our favorite comfort food. Ah, comfort food. These favs tend ...

5 Essential Gadget Trends for Your Home

By Ampli Team|2021-06-08T14:29:36-05:00December 21, 2020|

Imagine if all the devices in your home could connect to your Wi-Fi? Everything from clocks to the front door, to kitchen appliances, even the pet feeder. At one point, this sounded like the ...

What to Expect When Shopping Online this Holiday

By Ampli Team|2021-06-08T14:30:10-05:00November 17, 2020|

Many Canadians have already made the switch from crowded malls to online shopping for their holiday shopping. As the current pandemic isn’t showing any signs of going away, 48% of Canadians plan to purchase ...

Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

By Ampli Team|2021-06-08T14:31:17-05:00November 16, 2020|

While the holidays may not seem the same this year, one thing that doesn’t change is stressing about getting the perfect gift for family and friends. It’s true, a gift can’t measure the love you ...

Top 5 Holiday Shopping Apps

By Ampli Team|2021-06-08T14:30:54-05:00November 16, 2020|

As we round the corner to December, it’s time to think about the holiday season and plan ahead. The festive season shouldn’t be a time of worrying about what to buy your partner’s cousin ...

5 Virtual Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season in 2020

By Ampli Team|2021-06-08T14:30:42-05:00November 16, 2020|

Among other things, 2020 will go down as the Year of Zoom. As everything from work meetings to catching up with friends has gone online, why not make this holiday season a virtual one as ...

7 Tips for Work From Home Parents During COVID-19

By Ampli Team|2021-09-20T09:04:58-05:00October 27, 2020|

Work from home, parents, we see you. Balancing budget spreadsheets while preparing endless snacks for your kids, or trying to talk to your boss over Zoom as your toddler shouts, “I need the potty!” ...

How To Save Money On Holiday Shopping

By Ampli Team|2021-09-20T09:04:43-05:00October 16, 2020|

The holidays are often a time for indulging. But come January, many of us are dreading opening our credit card statement and facing the reality of overspending. Added to that, COVID-19 has had a ...

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